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3 tips to picking your brand colors from a logo designer

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Do you get hung up on picking your brand colors? Maybe you aren’t sure if they are the right colors or not for your business. I get it! Colors play a key role in our lives. Throughout our day we experience color and automatically know the meaning of something just by looking at that color. 

For example, we all know red means stop, green means go and yellow means caution, right?

If you want to have a memorable brand, then we need to take a look at how the colors are being used. Before first let’s play a game! Can you guess the brand?

Now which coffee brand uses green & white? Starbucks of course! Now I totally could go for a Venti Vanilla Almond Milk Latte 🙂

But what if I asked you for a coffee from a brand that is pink and orange? Then you would probably ask me if I wanted a donut to go with that coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Final one! Which luxury jewelry brand is robin blue and white. If you said Tiffany’s you are on a roll, girl!

Each brand didn’t pick a random color that seemed to be popular at the time but rather they picked them intentionally. Could you only imagine if Tiffany’s was pink instead of blue?!? Once you understand the power of color, then you can strategically pick a brand color palette that will attract the right clients.

If you liked that game, and want to see more brands than check out this article from Business Insider.


1. Always pick timeless brand colors over trendy

Each season there seems to be a “hot” color for what to wear. Your business should not be following that same rule. You want to make sure you pick colors for your brand that you can use for a long time since after all you are in this for the long haul right? Not just a season!

When you create a brand color palette, your business will become more memorable and top of mind to others. Remember that game we played earlier? All those brands were using timeless colors. They weren’t switching their brand colors to the trendy new color of the year or season.Take note and pick colors for your brand that you will be happy with months from now. 

So try not to look at what trend everyone else is following with their websites or social graphics and stick to your color palette!

2. Your colors should be relevant to your brand

It’s important to pick colors that are relevant to your business and not you! Meaning you need to pick colors that reflect not only what you do but also your values and goals. Your brand colors should represent what you do and what it’s like to work with you. Let’s say you are a business coach and you help creative females land their dream job in an upbeat, quirky kind of way. Your brand colors shouldn’t be muted, earthy, or dark. Instead, they should be bright and colorful so they are relevant to your brand’s mission.

3. Few brand colors are mighty

The biggest mistake I see when I see DIY brands is too many colors being used. You might be an amazing unicorn, but your brand should not be! It should only consist of 3-5 colors. 

Narrowing your brand color palette so that it aligns with your brand’s adjectives and values can be a daunting task but I can’t stress how important it is. Having a strong brand color palette plays such an important role in your brand’s recognition. So narrow it down and be consistent with those 3-5 colors.

Once you have selected the colors for your brand, then you will create a system. It will become so easy when you are creating your website, social graphic or freebie to know what color to use where!

Free bonus tip! Should you rework your brand color palette?

Make sure you have a clear direction for your brand first! Then make sure you download my FREE brand guide, 4 Easy Steps To Creating A Memorable Brand.  It helps you step-by-step to transform your business into an irresistible brand that your dream clients love. Consider it your branding blueprint!

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