how to know if it's time for a rebrand

4 ways to know if it’s time for a rebrand

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After every client launch, I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say to myself, “Ohhhh… should I include a graphic element like theirs into my brand?”.

See, even I suffer from the occasional shiny object syndrome!

Sure a new brand is exciting, and we all want the newest and greatest, am I right? But does that does mean we should rebrand every time we see an inspiring brand on Pinterest? Probably not.

But sometimes we HAVE outgrown our business. We’ve learned more about what kind of offers we want to sell, who our ideal client is, and how we want our brand to be portrayed. Sometimes our brand visuals aren’t aligned with that new vision anymore.


#1: You Don’t Like How Your Business Looks

The biggest sign of a rebrand is when someone asks you to see your website and you lie to them by saying “Oh I am in the process of redoing it. Let me just give you my email address”. The truth is you have even touched your website in months (maybe years!). GIRL!!! You need a rebrand!

It’s ok! We have all been there. When you are just starting out you most likely took the DIY route. There is no shame in choosing your own colors, fonts, or even creating your own logo. But let’s be honest. You created all of that because you knew it had to be done, you had a million other things on your plate, and you couldn’t afford to hire a designer. Nowadays though you cringe every time you look at it. 

If you’re not proud of your logo, website or social graphics, then you aren’t going to want to share them the next time you get asked. If you’re not sharing it, then you are only hurting your business.

It’s okay to admit to yourself that you don’t love it – but it definitely is time for a rebrand!

#2: You Have Outgrown Your Current Logo and Branding

Most often or not, when you first started off you took on any job and every job. Heck even I did! I once took on a logo client that wanted his logo to be a cross between a skull & Harley Davidson engine. (To read more on that check out this post).

As our business grows, mostly likely our goals and priorities shift as well. We start to get clarity on what type of services and offerings we want to sell. 

I think this is one of the best things, and I see it with several of my clients. Their businesses are leveling up and thriving. But in order to continue this growth, they need to rebrand themselves to align with these new goals. 

#3: Your Ideal Client Has Changed

Starting out it is hard to know our exact niché or type of clients you want to work with. Maybe you’ve worked with a couple of clients that have similarities and realize “Ahhh! This is who I wanna work with.” Or maybe you want to attract higher end clients.

A great example of this is one of my past clients who is a personal stylist. Her previous brand was very whimsical and playful. But she wanted to book more modern & edgy creative executives. In order to attract those types of clients, she needed to ditch the cutesy brand and completely update it. Which is exactly what we did! To see her rebrand, click here.

As much as we hate this, first impressions matter and when your branding doesn’t match your price point that potential client is not going to book with you! But when your logo, website design and photos matches the type of service and price point you want to serve, then your potential client will not hesitate on booking with you.


#4: If You Are Just Bored with Your Current Branding

You are making big moves in your business and booking those dreamy clients. You don’t love your current website 100%, but you also don’t hate it. You just feel a little tired of it. This just means that you may want to give your brand a bit of a facelift. This is called a brand refresh

This is often done in the retail industry! Take a look at Banana Republic or Victoria Secret. They will often change a font or some of their colors to coordinate with the season. You could do something similar! Maybe you swap one of your fonts, colors or even rearrange your homepage so it flows better. 

These types of simple tweaks can just give your branding a new life without totally redoing everything.

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