how to get better clients

How to get better clients

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Ideal clients. A.K.A., the dreamy clients we all wish pop into our inbox requesting to work with us.

But you know what is worse than having no clients? Having the wrong ones!

Your ideal client should:

  • Love your work
  • Get you excited to work with
  • Match your style and brand
  • And you just loved them! When you are done working them, you find yourself asking: “Why can’t every client be just like her?”

Like many boss ladies, I start my biz as a side hustle. I LOVED the clients that I was working with and had big hopes for my business. But then when I made my part-time hustle a full time business, I like many solopreneurs got a case of FOMO. I was so nervous about failing that I was willing to take any client that passed my path.

Don’t believe me?! I once took on a client that wanted a logo that was a cross between a skull and Harley engine 🤦🏻‍♀️

Which we both know – that is not my style at all!

Every email I received from this client I cringed. I just wanted him to go away. That is because he was not the ideal client for me, And shame on me! From our initial chat together, I knew that this client wasn’t a right fit, but I took the job anyway. I decided from there on out, that I needed to focus on who my ideal client was. I needed to figure WHO she was and HOW I could start attracting her.

My big aha moment:

If I was struggling with finding my ideal client then my clients had to be as well. Now I spend more time in my brand discovery phase with clients to fully understand WHO their services or products are perfectly suited for.

And guess what? When they tell me a 20-40’s female small business owner, I tell them ummm NO she is not! A 20 year and 40 year old are TWO entirely different people

For instance, if I wanted to market to a 39 year old, I may reference a Friends quote like “We were on a break” or “Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!” But the 26 year old would probably think, “What the heck is she talking about?” On the flip side, if I was trying to market to a 26 year old, I could make a Gilmore Girls reference and the 39 year old wouldn’t understand me.

Their age is just one of the types of things we need to consider when we are creating our marketing. We want to make sure we aren’t trying to market to everyone, but rather that ONE person aka our ideal client. That dreamy client will feel more connected to you and will be more likely to buy from you.

Wanna know who your ideal client is?

Click below to download my step-by-step guide to figuring out who your dream client is.

And remember…

to be marketing directly to your ideal client

Every time you put any email, social post, blog post, email, etc. you should keep in mind if it serves that dreamy client you want to work with. By attracting your ideal client, you’ll be working smarter, not harder. And don’t we all want that?!


(Well, that and eating pizza. I’m really good at eating pizza!)


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