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Learn how to use your brand colors the right way

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You know brand colors are important, you aren’t 100% sure on how you should be using them. 

In case you don’t have brand colors picked out, check out this post : How to Pick Colors for Your Brand.

First, I want to say great job on picking out your brand colors! It takes a lot of work to figure those colors out that I would hate to see you go rogue with them. In fact, part of my process with my clients I break down when and why they should use each of their colors in their brand guide. 

According to research, “Color increases brand recognition by 80 percent.” So I think it’s safe to say that picking your brand colors correctly is pretty important!


Primary brand color

This color is your go-to color. It’s going to the color that will help identify you from your competition like the game we played. Primary colors help clients to quickly identify your brand like the game we just played. 

A great spot for your primary color is:

Everywhere! It will mostly be used in your logo, website, business cards, fliers, basically every piece of marketing. 

Secondary Colors 

These colors compliment your primary color and will help balance the colour palette. Most brands have 1-3 secondary colors. 

A great spot for secondary colors is:

  • A supportive color in your logo
  • The color that will be used mostly for paragraph text
  • The color that will be used for backgrounds and supporting elements. This color will add depth to the brand and not overpower the primary color.
  • These are great colors to incorporate into your brand photos!

Accent colors

These colors are used sparingly throughout your brand. You want to use these colors when you want to grab your audience’s attention. 

A great spot to use your accent colors:

  • On a callout for one of your pins
  • A button on your website. 

Why you should use your brand colors correctly

Reason 1: Gives your design hierarchy

We live in a day where we constantly need to use googlemaps to get somethere where we haven’t been before. You always want to be the guide for your viewer to make sure they are getting to where you want them to go. By using your brand colors correctly you will point them in the right direction. For example, if you use the accent color for your website’s button, then they know where to click next. But what if I used my primary color there. It blends in and makes it harder for the viewer to know what I want them to do.

Reason 2: Makes your brand on top of your potential client’s mind

It makes your brand more memorable. The more consistent you are with using your brand colors, the more your clients are going to say “ohh I remember her!”. Your brand is going to stick in their head.

Reason 3: Makes your brand look more professional. 

Imagine if you started to use different colors for each sentence on your website. Quickly your paragraph would like a wonky rainbow that my toddler daughter colored. When you start to create some rules and consistency with your brand colors, it instantly looks more professional!

To quickly recap.


  • Primary color – Use this brand color just about everywhere
  • Secondary colors – Use these brand colors to support your primary color, but also to break up the information
  • Accent colors – Use these brand color(s) to highlight or draw attention

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