Kate’s Hooter Rally

The other day, I got the dreaded news that my friend, Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kate is a vibrant, sparkly friend, who always has a smile on her face. Y’all, this woman even wore a smile as she delivered the news in front of thousands! You see, Kate has a lot of “pink friends”, as she is the Communications Director & your go-to-gal for a direct-selling company called Thirty-One.

So what did I do when I learned that she had cancer? I dropped everything I was doing to support her, of course! I had partnered with her and one of her closest besties, to develop a logo, branding, and apparel to bring awareness to her journey.

Since Kate lights up every room she walks into, she needed a logo and branding that tied to her fight and story. She wanted it to be edgy, hot pink, strong, and kickass (because that’s exactly what she is gonna do!).

I quickly developed a couple of concepts that tied to her journey, personality and of course, had a nod to her last name – Rose! I wanted to make sure I provided her a logo option that was a strong as her.

Kate absolutely loved her logo options and picked one instantly! After finalizing the logo, I started to develop social media graphics and designs for apparel and merchandise to help support her fight. Together we will beat this cancer!


Brand Board

Social Graphics


“It took Erica ONLY 4 words of direction to create something perfect for this super important and urgent cause. She gave us such peace of mind and heartwarming confidence. People can’t wait to have this logo all over their swag, which will definitely help us raise funds for our friend Kate!”

– The support team at Kate’s Hooter Rally (#KHR)

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