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On a mission to explore the world – one brand at a time

I feel like we have met before. Yeah you! You’re a boss lady who has great big ideas, a mile long to do list, and a family to manage (fur babies totally count as family BTW). You’ve spent hours (and too many late nights) trying to do #allthethings.

You may have great ideas, but what is that without branding that is gonna grab your dream client’s attention?

No need to explore any further.
You’re in just the right place, friend!
logo & web designer for creative female entrepreneurs

I create one-of-a-kind logo & branding for

Female entrepreneurs who struggle with attracting their dream clients

Through my step-by-step design process, we’ll transform your business and brand from the inside out.  AKA I make you look good so you stand out from the crowd while sprinkling in a little strategy – so you can get back to the things you NEED to be doing.

hey there!

I'm Erica

aka your branding tour guide

I’m the travel obsessed graphic designer behind ES Creative Co. But can I tell you a secret? YOU are my zone of genius. Let me explain! The adventure seeker in me is always looking for that little adrenaline rush, and when I design branding for a small biz owners (like you) – I get it!

I’m a graphic designer with almost 15 years of corporate experience. I’ve spent most of my career designing the brand presence for one of the largest woman direct-selling companies. So I definitely know the ins and outs of designing and marketing for women entrepreneurs!

I was loving my 9-5, but felt like my cup wasn’t being completely full. That was when my life completely changed. My husband was being transferred to Zurich, Switzerland. This move was not only exciting for this travel junkie, but also because I was able pursue my dream of starting my own company.

Your passion + My years of experience = easy & fun branding journey!

Let’s be honest, you’ve got a mile long to-do list and creating your logo and branding should be the last thing you stress about! That is why it my mission to be your branding tour guide.

From our first call where we discover the core of your business to all the way to popping the bubbly on launch day – I’ll guide you every little step your business into an irresistible gotta-have-it brand.

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to discover logo and branding that is as unique as you?

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facts about me

cups of coffee
(who really is counting, though)?
every Friday
you will find me
eating pizza!
I've traveled to
20 countries
I used to
live in Zurich
snuggle breaks
With Hunter
my favorite
kind of cake



I even had it for my wedding cake!
ES Creative Co, Logo and Branding Designer for Female Entrepreneurs in Dallas, TX

The biggest adventure you can take

is to live the life of your dreams.

Oprah Winfrey

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