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Kelly Miller

One of my favorite parts of owning a branding design business is being able to work with clients as they grow and evolve their business! I have been so lucky to work with my client wellness and business coach, Kelly Miller on her new logo and branding. 

Kelly had been coaching female wellness coaches on how to scale and grow their online businesses. As she grew her business, she realized her premade Etsy logo that she purchased years ago wasn’t aligning with her brand. It was too cute and didn’t feel authentic (which any of her clients could tell ya, Kelly is as real as them come!). I was ecstatic when she reached out to me to chat about how we could freshen up her branding to make it feel more like her.

Working with Kelly was a dream and I’m so thankful to be the logo designer she selected for her rebrand. You can see her new logo design by visiting her website here.

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Logo Design

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"I needed someone like Erica to help me create a logo that represented pieces of my brand I hadn’t even thought of. Images can tell a lot about a brand in such a simple statement. The more we worked together the more I saw the importance of all the little nuances that go into a professional logo.

Now I look at alllll the places I show up online and think.. would Erica say I am being consistent?!?! LOL. That was the smack in the face I needed. Every piece of the brand needs to be the same across all platforms. Plus… Erica did go a bit overboard in the design process. We totally geeked out over all the options together.

Working with Erica was pretty epic! Something women like me, who want a personalized approach to design, should do!"

– Kelly M.


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