Buster Mac’s

Growing up in the kitchen with her dad, Clara became his ‘Buddy Mac’, or little helper. Her nickname (and the idea for the truck) came from Rocco’s little jingle: “Buster Mac, Buddy Mac, Bud, Bud, Bud …”

Clara and Rocco had always talked about opening a brick and mortar restaurant together. With food trucks becoming more and more popular, they thought why not bring gourmet food to the street by opening a food truck? They wanted their food truck to share their story and display their love for food, music, family and Columbus.

After listening to their story, I knew I wanted to create a brand design that had a charm that reflected their fun personality. We used fresh, bold colors so the truck could easily be spotted. We used a white brick texture as the background to symbolize their “brick and mortar” venture paired with hand stamped inspired graphics to create an overall brand that felt authentic, welcoming and modern.


Brand Board

“As soon as we spoke on the phone I knew Erica was the right person to help me, not only did she want to know as much as she could about who my ideal client is and how I serve them, she took the time to understand who I am, too.

I loved the designs she created for me and the story behind each one. The fact that I had a hard time making a final decision (thankfully, she was extremely patient with me) is a testament to her ability!  I now have a brand that excites me and makes me smile and that totally aligns with me and my ideal client. I can’t wait to start rebranding my website and implementing it across all my social media platforms!  Thank you so much, Erica!”

– Niki Whittle

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