5 reasons why your business needs a good logo

5 reasons why you need a good logo

Logo Design Tips

Everyone knows one of the first things they need for their business is a logo. But did you know the key role it plays in your business? A logo establishes your identity and it is the most powerful visual element of your brand. It’s the first impression of your brand. It’s the first thing they see when they look at your website, business card, store sign. Great logos stand out and are memorable. Great logos are what is going to make a potential client wanting to come back and buy from you. 

Hang with me for a second. I want you to think about Target. The first thing that popped into your head was probably the red bullseye. Then you might have thought of their dog, Spot. And if you are anything like me, then you remembered the one item that you were supposed to get on your last Target run even though you walked out of there spending over $100. (why does that always happen?!?)

My point is your logo is what makes a lasting impression and is what gives them a quick taste of your business.

Now listen up… Did you know you only have 5 seconds to make a good first impression? 5 whole seconds?!? Your logo gives your customers the first knee jerk reaction to you and what you have to offer. If it doesn’t resonate with your ideal client they are just gotta scroll over you. 

If you don’t have a professional looking logo, customers may misjudge or worse… scroll right over your business. Don’t let another person getaway because of your logo.


1. A good logo ensures credibility

A business with a solid logo appears reliable even if they are just starting up. Remember, first impressions matter! Before a client reads your services page on your website they have already developed their first impression of what it is like to work with you by simply looking at your logo. If your logo looks professional then your potential clients will feel like your business is legit and worth their investment. 

2. A good logo makes your business stand out and memorable!

Your logo should not only be easy to read but also a recognizable symbol that communicates who you are and what you do. Remember how easily you thought of the red bullseye when you pictured Target. A well-thought professional logo is much easier to remember because it’s built on the foundations of your business. It helps you stand out from the crowd. You are in an industry with a lot of competition, aren’t ya boss lady? So why have a logo that looks just like Karen’s? Instead, you should have a logo that communicates your business uniquely and simply to help your business stand out!

3. A good logo doesn’t need to be explained

A good logo should be appropriate to your area of expertise and not need to be explained to your potential client. For example, let’s say you were exclusively invited to a luncheon at an upscale restaurant. All the other attendees were six-figure female entrepreneurs. This is your time to impress them! You wouldn’t be caught dead showing up in your lululemon yoga pants and gray tee that you wear every day! They would think your outfit was inappropriate. The same goes for your logo. Your logo should reflect the feeling you want people to have when working with you. Here’s another example. Let’s say you’re a luxury real estate agent in the Chicago area. You wouldn’t want your logo to have butterflies or consist of childish fonts and colors. Neither of those would make any sense! 

4. A good logo looks amazing anywhere!

An intentionally designed logo will be designed with all platforms in mind. This means your logo will look great on your website, business card, or social graphic. As well as being printed on a sign, t-shirt, pen, or any other marketing. It will not appear fuzzy or blurry when enlarged. It will not have a busy pattern that will get lost when scaled down or not be able to be produced on your sign. A professional logo will look great when scaled at any size or when set in one color.

5. A good logo helps create brand consistency

Now I know, a logo doesn’t make a brand. But it is a great starting point. If you at least start using the same colors and fonts from your logo on your marketing materials, then your brand will instantly look more professional and consistent.

Don’t let another potential client getaway because you:
✓ Don’t even have a logo
✓ Have an unattractive logo
✓ Have a logo the isn’t memorable
✓ Have a logo that doesn’t accurately represent your business
✓ Have a logo that doesn’t work well with your branding

While a logo isn’t a brand, it’s the single most important part of branding.

I hope this was helpful for you. And if your logo doesn’t have these qualities, then let’s chat about it. Click here for a free one hour consultation.


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